How to watch Geo Blocked content.

Fed Up of seeing this when you’re trying to watch a video on youtube and other websites? The uploader has not made this video available in your country. Read on to find out how to fix this annoying censorship and watch any content whenever and wherever you are.


Some countries like America and Britain don’t allow access to their media networks and websites outside of the nation. This means, for example, that if you are a UK citizen on holiday outside of the country you would no longer have access to UK TV, and the same for any citizen outside of their country.

The blocking of content in this way is known as Geo-Blocking. The website has certain parameters that prevent users from outside the country from accessing the content. If the user tries to access the content they are presented with a message telling them the “content is unavailable in your area”.

But all hope is not lost. By Using a VPN (Virtual Network Provider), it is a simple matter of installing some software, then making a few simple adjustments to the settings, and you will be watching TV whenever and wherever you are in the world in no time.


Simply choose a VPN service provider, install the software then choose the country in which you wish to appear to be located and you’re done! We suggest using IP Vanish: This long-standing, trusted company comes highly recommended with a range of options and subscriptions available to suit everyone’s needs.

For more detailed information on VPNs and what they can do for you, from bypassing censorship to keeping you and your family safe and secure in your daily internet use, read more here – What is a VPN?